Live dealer roulette game

live dealer roulette gameLive dealer roulette game and the online roulette games are a brilliant to have fun and possibly win beautiful cash prizes. Roulette-Royale is the most attractive and rewarding of all online roulette games. Since it is a live dealer roulette game, which means it is the most dynamic of online roulette games. It requires the player to be sharp and show some quick thinking, and in return you get an increased chance of winning. Now all players get the online roulette bonus as well which gives you more money to play with and further increase your chances of winning on roulette-royale.

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If you go over our website and read some of the articles you can get some great tips on how to win at roulette royale.  You can make bets that increase your winning chances X 2, 4, 6 and 8. Picking the right sort of bet at the right time is something that can make all the difference in the world in a live dealer roulette game . Join today, try roulette-royale and its exciting live dealer roulette action, and enjoy the new, excellent online roulette bonus on the

Goldenriviera Roulette Royale Casino

Roulette Royale App

Roulette Royale AppThe Mywavia-Studios have already brought out for some years a free Roulette Royale App. The big advantage of this roulette App is that you can play Roulette-Royale for free. You play for virtual money and can’t lose money in this gameapp on Roulette-Royale. With this free game the roulette fans come completely at your expense. The play is very exciting, as in this roulette-royale game is valid  everything or nothing. After you have installed the free App on your mobile-phone, you can play immediately.

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When you start the game you look from above at the roulette table, you hear during the play background music and the voice of the croupier exactly like in the real roulette-royale game. After you have won, you can spend your profits in a virtual department store and buy yourself, for example, an expensive car or a Rolex clock. This free Roulette Royale game gives pleasure and makes addicted. Besides, still you never run danger to gamble away your money. Moreover, this roulette app renounces even in-app-purchases. This free Roulette-Royale App. is to be recommended and very sympathetically .


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Live dealer roulette 2015

Live dealer roulette 2015Live dealer roulette 2015  is well known as a fun and exciting way for people to gamble and win great cash prizes. Roulette-Royale is the best of online roulette games to serve that purpose. With a special way of hedging your bets, Roulette-Royale is not just about luck, but also, to a great degree, about skill. With the new, fantastic online roulette bonus, all users can now get more money to play with, via the online roulette bonus.  Roulette-Royale allows gamblers to split their bets, and increase their odds of winning. Live dealer roulette requires an agile, quick thinking mind, a sharp response, and always keeping your eyes on the prize. Here you find one of the best Roulette Royale Online Casinos:

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Live dealer roulette

Online roulette games are always a lot of fun, but nothing beats playing some live dealer roulette! That is what you get when you enter the exciting world of royale roulette, the game that takes online roulette games to a whole new level. With the live dealer and the exciting different betting options, that allow you to determine your probability to win as well as the odds, with the royal roulette game you can have all of this excitement. Now there are also great offers in this website to offer you a great online roulette bonuses for signing up. You get startup money to play with as well as great welcome bonus! How to win at roulette is a question often asked. The answer is a combination of luck and skill. While you cannot do much to influence your luck, you can choose whether you’re going with an all for nothing straight bet, or other types of bets that increase your winning chances. Getting that right will go a long way towards making you into a big winner. So how to win at roulette? Play smart, have fun, and of course, never spend more than you can afford to lose!

Roulette Royale Game

When you like to play roulette then you have to try roulette royale. The roulette royale game is one of the popular casinogames world wide. It’s very easy to play this roulette-game. With some roulette-strategies you have a really chance to win much money. But you should have a regular note: Never play with the money you need to live. Set you always a limit, so you can not pass the interesting roulette-royale-game. I wish you much fun and good luck.

Progressive Jackpot in Roulette-Royale

The progressive jackpot in Roulette Royale is basically a jackpot that has no fixed limit. It gradually gets bigger every time anybody plays online Roulette Royale and makes the jackpot side bet at any online casino anywhere in the world. So it can basically reach a pretty big amount before it gets emptied again. So basically, if you get the five consecutive spins on your Roulette Royale game then you will win the entire progressive jackpot.  This progressive Jackpot you can play on Goldenriviera Casino and that will be a day to remember for sure and while you are cashing in then the jackpot will return to its standard starting level and start progressing again. Overall it is basically the classic Roulette game you would play at any casino, but with a few extra thrills and things to look up to when playing. It makes the experience of playing at an online casino that much more fun and makes it that much more interesting as well at the same time. TO last but not least: When you sihn up over our site at the Goldenriviera Casino, then you get a bonus of $2500 for free playing and win.

Roulette Royale progressive jackpot

Those are not the only things special about the Roulette-Royale though, as there is also a special jackpot side bet in roulette royale. It is basically a necessary (mandatory) bet of one credit which is made in addition to the standard inside bets and outside bets. The Jackpot Side Bet basically pays off whenever the same number comes up on one after another spins of the roulette wheel and can give away the following :

– If same number hits on two consecutive spins, 15 credits.
– If same number hits on three consecutive spins, 200 credits.
– If same number hits on four consecutive spins, 3000 credits.
– If same number hits on five consecutive spins, then you’ve won the Roulette Royale progressive jackpot.

As with any roulette it’s always good to win at it. But there is nothing in a roulette game that can match the joy of getting a progressive jackpot in online Roulette Royale.


Roulette RoyaleThere is no real casino out there that doesn’t have a option in store for its customers. It’s basically the most famous game you can try in a casino and well worth the thrill it offers. Other than real casinos, online casinos also offer a wide variety of various variations of the roulette for the online gambler. This particular one, the online one, is called Roulette-Royale and it basically differs a little bit. The Roulette Royale is basically another version of the online European Roulette. It is played with a single-zero roulette wheel for increased odds of winning at the table. As a player you may make all of the classic – regular – bets you are used to like inside bets for bigger payouts, outside bets for more frequent winnings or multiple bets as part of your roulette strategy. The actual payouts for your bets are practically kind of the same as in a standard game of European Roulette and go from 1 to 1 for a red or black bet up to 35 to 1 for a single number straight-up bet.


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Roulette Royale payoff

An inside bet has a better roulette-royale payoff because you are limiting your bets on one to six number only. To understand this better, below is a breakdown of the different ways you can make an inside bet.

  • Straight-up – betting on just one number. The payoff is 35:1.
  • Split Bet – betting on two numbers (e.g. 17 and 20). The payoff is 17:1.
  • Corner Bets – betting on four numbers (e.g. 17, 18, 20, and 21). The payoff is 8:1.
  • 6 Number Bet – betting on six numbers (e.g. numbers 16 to 21). The payoff is 5:1.

As you can see, playing roulette royale is very easy and since there are ways to get a better payoff, more and more people are becoming addicted to it. Roulette tables in casinos are always crowded because of this, not to mention that it is a fun game with people cheering all around you. If you are not the type of person who frequents casinos or if there is no casinos near your place, you may try playing onlineroulette instead. Several sites offer this game along with other casino games. Onlineroulette is actually more convenient because you can win some money while having your dinner or lounging on your couch. The fun and excitement are still there so it is almost the same as playing it on the casino floor.